Set aside special time now and then with your child. No mobile phones. Be present, curious, and listen actively. You obviously know your child best, but below are some question tips.


  • How do you think the atmosphere is in our Cirkl/family? What works well? What works less well?
  • How is school? Classmates, breaks, teachers, after-school activities?
  • About sports & leisure activities. How comfortable are you? What do you enjoy the most? Anything that feels less good?
  • How about friends & mates. Who/which do you get along with best? Anything bothering you? Any conflict? Do you feel lonely?
  • Which social media accounts do you follow that are fun? Is there anything you find difficult with social media?
  • What are you and your friends playing most right now? Is there something you can show me & tell me more about?
  • What music are you listening to the most right now? Do you maybe have a playlist you want to share with me?

A ready-made agenda/template is available in the Cirkl app.

Note that we at Cirkl have created a ready-made template with an agenda specifically for this meeting. You can find template lists under “To Do” and in the tab at the top right corner –> “Template Lists”.