We recommend that you adults hold a Cirkl meeting at least once a week. Get organized, share responsibilities, and make time for things that make you feel good – together.

If you’re living alone with children, it’s perfectly fine to also base your weekly planning on the areas mentioned below. It’s especially important to ask for help when possible to get some time for yourself occasionally.

Here are tips on areas to discuss and, in some cases, distribute among yourselves:

  • Cleaning & laundry
  • Work schedule for the week
  • Who picks up & drops off when
  • Need for support from, for example, grandpa, babysitter, siblings, or another adult
  • Sharing bedtime routines for children
  • Sharing homework time with children
  • Weekly and/or monthly grocery shopping
  • Finances, bills & budgeting
  • Appointments for haircuts, doctor’s visits, dentist, vet, etc.
  • Purchasing, for example, winter clothes, Lucia gowns, football boots, birthday presents
  • Home, house, garden, car maintenance
  • Personal time. For example, sleeping in, exercising, taking a bath, meeting a friend
  • Together time. Date night. Love. Romance. Maybe arrange for a babysitter
  • Enter into Cirkl (!)

Remember to schedule what you agree upon in Cirkl, i.e., use features like activities, schedules, checklists, tasks, shopping, and meal planning including recipes.

A ready-made agenda/template is available in the Cirkl app.

Note that we at Cirkl have created a ready-made template with an agenda specifically for this meeting. You can find template lists under “To Do” and in the tab at the top right corner –> “Template Lists”.