Home Page

The Cirkl home page is what you’re greeted with when you launch the app. It provides you and your family a good overview of what’s happening and what needs to be done, as well as access to various types of advice and tips to help simplify family life.

1. Your Family: At the top of the home page, you’ll see pictures of you and your family. You are the default view, but you can see the activities and tasks of your other family members by selecting the person you want to keep track of. If you want to make changes to your own profile, press on your picture/avatar and choose “Change.” If you are an administrator, you can also add members by pressing the plus-avatar at the far right of the family row.

2. Settings: At the top right, you’ll find a gear icon that gives you access to Cirkl’s settings:

The home page consists of a number of tiles that, in addition to giving you an overview of the situation, also serve as gateways to the various features.

3. Calendar: displays the upcoming calendar events and also leads directly to the calendar function when you click on it..

4. To Do: shows a selection of current tasks and leads to a list of tasks and checklists when you press on it.

5. Manual: Cirkl’s own manual that explains Cirkl’s features and settings options (the one you are reading now).

6. Grooceries: here you see a selection of your grocery lists. If you press on it, you will go to your collection of shopping lists. You can also go directly to a shopping list if you click on an individual list that appears on the tile..

7. Notes: here a selection of your and your family’s notes is listed. If you press on the tile, you will go to your collection of all your notes.

8. Recipes: displays some of your recipes and leads to the family’s recipe collection, which gathers your favorite recipes from the web or your own creations.

9. Support & feedback: Here’s how you can reach us if you need help, find something that isn’t working as it should, or want to suggest ways Cirkl can improve.

10. Cirkl tips: Here you will find tips on how you can use Cirkl in your daily life and also what we call ‘family hacks’.

11. Get started: Cirkl’s own wizard to quickly and easily get started with your and your family’s ‘circling’.

12. List templates: Displays reusable list templates for, for example, travel, cleaning, laundry, or closing the summer house.

13. The Cirkl menu: At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a menu that gives you direct access to (from left to right):

  • Home page
  • The “search” function
  • The Plus menu (described in more detail below)
  • Calendar
  • Chat

14. The Plus menu: In the center of the Cirkl menu, there is a plus button from which you can create Activities, Tasks, Checklists, and Notes.