Grocery Lists

With Cirkl’s grocery shopping feature, you and your family can create lists for weekly and monthly shopping, allowing the entire family to easily add items to be purchased. The lists can be organized to match your favorite store. They update live, so the task can be divided up in the store.

Grocery Lists

You can access the grocery shopping feature by pressing the grocery shopping tile on the home page. Here, you’ll find any shopping lists you and your family have already created, or you can create a new one by pressing the plus symbol at the bottom right.

When you create a new shopping list, you enter a title and the family members who should be able to change or see the shopping list.

You add items to your shopping list by opening a list and then pressing the green plus sign at the bottom right. You can select items from Cirkl’s database by clicking on a category and then finding the item you want to add to the list.

You can also add an item by typing the sought item in the field “What do you want to add?”. Here, you can easily choose from the items that appear as suggestions or add a new one.

Newly added items end up in the miscellaneous category, but you can easily choose another category, by pressing the item and selecting “Miscellaneous” and then the desired category.

You can easily specify quantity and unit for all items by clicking on them and entering the desired information in the window that appears.

To facilitate purchases, you can easily access previously purchased items by pressing the “Previously Purchased” tab at the top.

When you go shopping, you and your family can collectively place items in the shopping cart and tick them off the list in real-time.

Ticked-off items remain on the shopping list until you exit the list.

By pressing the three dots at the top right, you can:

  • Hide ticked-off items
  • Show ticked-off items today
  • Show all ticked-off items
  • Reset ticked-off items
  • Delete the shopping list