Getting Started!

This information is aimed at those who are setting up your Cirkl and inviting other members..

Just three steps and then you’re up and running!

1. Add your profile picture.

Click on your user at the top of the screen and press the “change” button.

Change your profile picture by clicking on “Choose picture”.

2. Add other Cirkl members

Click on the plus sign at the end of the member row on the Cirkl page.

There are three types of members:

  1. Administrators (such as the parents),

  2. Other family members (such as children), and

  3. Other individuals (such as other significant adults or babysitters).

Give the new member a name.

Choose a name for each Cirkl member. This can be changed by the person later.

3. Invite

Now you are ready to invite your new members. This is done by clicking the “Invite” button at the bottom.

In the menu that appears, you can choose to:

  • share the invitation (invite via email, SMS, etc.) or
  • by displaying the QR code..

Now you are all set!