Cirkl’s Calendar gives you control over the entire family’s calendar and encompasses your and your family’s activities and recurring activities (schedules). The calendar also displays the tasks and checklists that are date-set.

By pressing the tabs shown under your family, you can choose between three views (day, week, and month).

In the default mode, the entire family’s calendar events are displayed, but if you want to see only your own or another family member’s events, you click on the person in question. The selected person is indicated with a blue checkmark.


When you create an activity, you can provide detailed information such as

  • participants,

  • date and time,

  • location, and

  • other information such as pictures, documents, and links.

You can also set a reminder so that you and your family don’t miss an important activity or task.

Pressing on the map opens your default map app so that you can easily find your way.

When updating an activity, everyone involved gets a notification in the chat.

Recurring Activity

You can also create a recurring activity for practices, school schedules, and other events that repeat. You can choose schedules where an activity recurs daily, weekly, or monthly. You have the option to let a recurring activity continue indefinitely or for a specific period by selecting an end date.

You can remove a single occurrence of a recurring activity by opening the occurrence and pressing the three dots at the top right and selecting ‘Remove this occurrence’.

If you need to create an exception in the schedule, you do so by opening a previously saved recurring activity and selecting ‘Change this occurrence’ in the window that appears.

It is also possible to restore or remove an exception by opening the exception, pressing the three dots at the top right, and choosing either ‘Restore the exception’ or ‘Remove this occurrence’.