Chat with and update each other: Chat safely within the family regardless of the phones you have. In addition to a lively conversation with text and photos, the whole family is updated about activities, tasks, and lists in the chat.

You can access the chat function at the bottom left of the Cirkl menu on Cirkl’s home page. On the chat page, you can choose to chat with the entire family or with individual family members.

You enter your message at the bottom of the chat. Here you can also attach pictures by pressing the picture icon to the right of the input field. In the window that appears, you can choose between:

  • Add a picture from the library
  • Use the camera
  • Add a GIF or sticker from Giphy

Unread messages are marked in several places:

  • Cirkl’s icon on the phone’s home screen
  • The chat icon on the Cirkl menu on the home page
  • On the current chat on the chat page

You will be notified of a new chat message either through your phone’s notification function or notifications inside Cirkl.

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