Cirkl is your family’s everyday all-in-one app that helps you be on top of things, manage daily tasks, making life less stressful and family life more fun.

In a nutshell, Cirkl is all about making every day simpler and happier for families, helping you enjoy more quality time together.

  • Family Calendar
  • To do with tasks and checklists – also recurring.
  • Activities – also recurring.
  • Shopping lists, shared of course.
  • Chat and notices.
  • Notes, pictures, files, etc.

For you, your family, and others you want in your Cirkl.

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Try Cirkl for free
Try Cirkl for free

Home page

Stay Informed

The homepage keeps you in the loop about what needs to be done, what’s happening, and offers quick access to features like the shopping list and notes.


Keep track of the family calendar

Stay on top of your own private schedule as well as the entire family’s calendar. Choose from various colors and icons for a more fun and clearer overview. You can also view Cirkl’s events in your own work calendar, whether it’s Outlook or Google Calendar.

Activity / Meeting

What? When? Who? Where? How?

View detailed information about family activities, such as participants, dates and times, location, and other details like pictures, documents, and links.

When an activity is updated, everyone involved receives a notification in the chat.

With recurring activities, you can, for example, input the children’s school schedules, annual special occasions, and work schedules with different weekly frequencies.

Tasks and Lists

Get things done

Create tasks and checklists for yourself or the whole family and get things done.

Recurring tasks remind you to, for instance, pay bills, water the flowers, clean the room, or brush teeth.

You can also create reusable list templates for trips, cleaning, laundry, or closing up the summer house.

Pre-Made List Templates

Simplify and Save Time

Cirkl offers a number of ready-to-use list templates within the app that can be used as checklists, over and over again.

Examples of list templates include cleaning, school routines, pets, packing lists, vacation homes, safety, and so-called Cirkl meetings.

Grocery Shopping Lists

Get the shopping done

By creating, for instance, weekly and monthly shopping lists, the whole family can easily add items.

The lists can be organized to match your favorite store. They update in real time, so you can split the shopping tasks at the store.


Collect Your Favorite Recipes

Save your favorite recipes or add your own creations. If you change the number of servings in a recipe, the amounts in the ingredient list will also update.

You can even start a cooking mode from a recipe to easily follow and check off steps.

Cirkl’s Recipe feature also offers the possibility to add a recipe’s ingredients to a Shopping List within Cirkl.

Meal Planning

What’s for Dinner?

Cirkl’s meal planning helps you and your family plan your meals with time, participants, and recipes.

This includes dinners, lunches, packed meals, and snacks.


All the Family Information in One Place

You can gather your own and the family’s notes in one place, including text, images, documents, and links.

Examples could include shared projects, user manuals, streaming services, , budget, or travel planning.


Search and Find Everything Instantly

Cirkl offers a powerful search function that lets you easily access all information about your family, regardless of the feature.

For example, if you search for “soccer,” activities, lists, tasks, and notes related to soccer will appear, and you can go directly to what you were looking for.


Communicate and Update Each Other

Chat securely within the family, regardless of the type of phones you have.

In addition to lively conversations with text and photos, the whole family gets updates about activities, tasks, and lists in the chat.


Cirkl Works Great on iPads and Other Tablets

Cirkl is ideally used on tablets, like iPads and Android variants.

Why not use tablets when the family gathers to plan the upcoming week together, where the larger screen facilitates collaboration?

Feel Better Together

Cirkl is More Than Just Features

Beyond the app’s features, Cirkl also offers various methods, templates, and tips to improve well-being together.

An example is the family’s weekly meetings, known as Cirkl Meetings.

And there is more, much more.